happy thanksgiving :)

suddenly i remember the thanksgiving party in my old office. since no turkey in Indonesia, chicken is ok lah ๐Ÿ™‚ So the boss ‘cooked’ 2 or 3 grilled chickens with special ingredients in her big oven and prepared also smash potatoes and others. Then the lunch was ready to serve.

At my time, the staff only a few, not more than 15, so it was a must to say what we were give thanks for…in our work, our family, or our personal life. Hearing all their thanks made me amazed…and now still amazed…of how great our Lord is.

Not only we gave thanks for big things or miraculous ones, even the smallest things or the ordinary ones that made us really grateful for Him…when we still have opportunity to open our eyes in the morning…hey, i’m still alive today ๐Ÿ™‚ …, to inhale the fresh air, to move all parts of our body, to smile with our lips, for the sun, for the family, for the work, for all things…

After all the giving thanks and praying for all things He has done and given, we were ready to eat now. The boss’ husband were ready with his knife and big fork to cut the chickens. “Which part do you want?” he asked us one by one…head, neck, breast, wings, etc. He cut the chicken for each of us…and then we started to enjoy the meals and also the togetherness again and again.

So, happy Thanksgiving ๐Ÿ™‚
What would you give thanks for today and tomorrow and so-on and so-on? ๐Ÿ™‚

Jakarta, 28 November 2013


my poor reaction

I’m really surprised with my own reaction when someone shouts loudly, “Who will want to come tomorrow? Just to do the preparation of BC things. I will come and work!” How can she say like that? That’s my protest…in my heart ๐Ÿ™‚

Actually, tomorrow is a holiday and no need to go to the office. The idea is that since BC will be held on Saturday (Jan 26), we can do many things for the preparation when we come to the office during tomorrow holiday. But what we can do? If we are in blank, don’t know what kinds of job still need to do, who will be willing to come? There will be a BC meeting almost by the end of the day. In my opinion, it is not wise to ask people to come tomorrow in this early morning. We can announce it during the meeting. It is different when we know things still need to do for the preparation and how much help is needed. I think all of us will come voluntarily tomorrow.

After talking about it with my roommates and the one who speak aloud the announcement, now I’m thinking about my reaction. Is it because I’m not willing to come? Since the morning announcement, I heard someone responds, “I will come also to work tomorrow!” Wow…the first responder immediately shows the willingness to come though still dont know things to do. How it is so different with my reaction? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Also I regret with my reaction since I talk with the initiator, someone else says that the warehouse staff needs help to do all the packing for all BC things.

Still my mind protests…only several people who know about things to do. Why dont just open it up in the meeting? Oh my poor judgement, even the meeting has not been held yet when I’m writing this story. Be patience my heart and my mind…don’t judge of anything by what I feel and selfish thought.

23 January 2013

Towel’s Story

A few months ago, whenever looking at my towels, I just said that I need new ones. But still the price is still expensive. Decided to wait for towel sale or big discounts. Then luckily, at the end of November, the mall nearby the office promotes big discount…40% for the towel I need.

Just go to the mall, review the colors, decides to buy which one, go to another mall, reviews all the prices, and then do not buy it at all ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know…I need it but I cant make my head and my hand to put the new towels in the plastic bag, and pay them. Time goes by and the discount is expired, but I dont feel disappointment though.

Then there is AGAPE celebration in the second week of December. You guess what…the gift for each teachers is towel! Yeyayyy…finally I’ve got a new towel. Perhaps this is the reason why I never buy the towel by myself. I just said to myself, I wish I would get another towel too for Christmas gift in the office. My wish comes true.

Today, in my birthday, someone in the office (since we dont know who is the gift giver…everyone just pick a name lottery to buy him/her gift) gives me a maroon towel (the color I favor), though it just a medium towel. But it’s Terry Palmer’s ๐Ÿ™‚

My dearest God…You have such a great sense of humor. Xie xie ni for Your generosity.

Jakarta, December 21, 2012
* Today is not a doomsday ๐Ÿ™‚
* One staff provides B2 satay and Bakut for lunch as a celebration of the 1st bday of his daughter
* For me and my twin, we buy coypan (a kind of pangsit with bengkoang content) for the morning snack
* For afternoon, a farewell party of several interns who already help us in the office for 3 months

just a dream

I like to do a “make up” or “make over” of translation texts, but mostly for the translation of devotional materials. For almost six years, I get involved in the editing team and start to know the style of each writers. Deep inside my heart, I wish one day I can meet them directly, not only via their writings.

But if I want to meet them personally, I have to fly away to uncle Sam’s and it’s not cheap and easy ๐Ÿ™‚ In my mind, I want to interview them, asking of things that move them to write every inspirational stories, how they prepare time to write, do they need special preparation to write each devos, and what strategy to write excerpt for the book’s writer who usually write devos based on his/her book, and many more.

You know, I always look up … I want to meet A, B, C, and D but I dont give thank yet when I already met X, Y, and Z. Yes, actually I already meet 2 Asian writers and 2 American ones. One of my friend has opportunity to attend a work shop at uncle Sam’s. He just inform us that he went to church with A, today he meets B, and tomorrow will meet C and D … wow, I wish to meet them too…when could I find such a privilege? Hope some day. And today … it’s just a dream

Jakarta, 12 October 2012

ga asikk kata mereka :)

Nyaris satu jam setelah ibadah staf berlalu … aku lirik ke meja, tapi dompet tedy yang biasa nangkring di sebelah laptop tak terlihat oleh mata. Mata menjelajah ke seluruh sudut meja kerjaku, dan memang dompet itu tak ada. Cling … ya baru ingat, tadi setelah ibadah, aku mampir ke pantry untuk ambil minum. Karena gelasku tak kutemukan di tempat aku menaruhnya sebelum ibadah, terpaksa meletakkan dompet di meja terdekat dan mencari-cari gelasku. Ketemu juga gelas itu di lemari gantung. Nyaris selesai ambil minum, ada Felix yang nongol untuk ngasi sampel gelas mungil yang rencananya akan dijadikan sovenir Agape. Karena terlalu excited dengan gelas itu dan pengin segera nunjukkin ke ci Lily, aku pun bergegas melangkah ke ruang staf dan mencari ci Lily di ruangannya … dompetku terlupakan …

Saat ingat klo dompet tertinggal di dapur, hanya menggumam sekilas ke Dwi, “Dompetku tertinggal di dapur.” Lalu aku ngeloyor pergi menuju pantry sekalian membawa teh celup. “Ah, pasti tidak hilang dompet itu,” pikirku ragu. Isinya hanya hp “jadul” Nokia, yang sudah tersisih ke pinggiran karena hampir sebagian besar staf ย sudah pake smartphone & BB, tapi tetap saja badanku terasa numb karena takut jika hp itu benar-benar hilang.
Sampaiย di pantry dan menatap meja tempat aku menaruh dompet tadi … bersih, kosong!!! Tak ada dompetku … benar-benar hilang ni. Tapi aktivitas bikin teh tetap jalan terus dan tetap ga bisa cerita saat Amin nyusul ke pantry. Sikapku seolah mengatakan, “Nothing wrong,” tapi di benak sudah terpikir, mau kirim e-mail ke semua staf, siapa tau mereka sempat lihat dompetku dan menyimpannya. Lalu mau tanya staf lantai 1 juga karena kebetulan mereka tadi juga ada di pantry.
“Gimana?” tanya Dwi. “Ga ada!” kataku sambil meraba-raba ke dalam ranselku, siapa tau tadi dompet sudah kebawa dan kulempar ke situ. Lalu ke ruangan ci Lily dan tanya apa aku meninggalkan sesuatu di situ, dan emang tak ada dompet itu di ruangannya. Tubuh benar-benar serasa melayang. Rasa panik ga bisa mencuat ke luar, tapi membuat badan mati rasa dan tangan dingin semua. Dwi coba bantu misscall, tapi ga terdengar suara apa pun. Ga ingat juga klo pas ibadah tadi hp ku-silent. Lenyap sudah harapan karena memang benar-benar hilang. Pantry adalah tempat terbuka, siapa pun bisa masuk dan memang ada kemungkinan besar hp-ku lenyap tanpa tahu siapa yang mengambilnya. At least dengan kirim e-mail untuk tanya ke teman bisa membuatku sedikit lega. Tapi tiba-tiba Dwi berkata, “Tanya Tina.”
Ooo…mulai tercium bau konspirasi konyol ni. Amin juga sudah berdiri di depan pintu ruanganku untuk bertanya ada masalah apa. Dan setelah cerita tentang hilangnya dompetku di dapur, dia tanya isinya apa saja? Tapi karena senyuman di wajahnya saat bertanya, aku makin yakin konspirasi ini. Tapi waktu tanya Tina, wajahnya terlihat sungguh-sungguh serius saat berkata, “Aku bener-bener ga tau, Endah. Makanya jangan ninggal apa pun di pantry.” Sempat ragu dengan info yang kuterima dari Dwi. Saat kembali ke kursiku, Dwi tetap meyakinkan berkata, “Tanya Tina!”
Baliklah aku ke ruangan Tina, dan sudah ada Andry dan Daniel yang nungguin di dekat pintu.
“Ati-ati, jangan bikin Endah panik. Pintu pagar saja bisa jebol karena sentuhan tangannya.” kata Daniel.
“Aku pengin liat gimana klo Endah panik. Jadi gitu ekspresinya klo dia panik,” timpal Andry.
Tetap dompet belum kembali ke tangan, sempat ragu, apa beneran mereka yang “simpan”? Saat kembali ke kursi, tubuhku masih numb … mungkin tak tega melihat ekspresiku yang terlihat (meski tak terpancar keluar), Tina masuk ke ruanganku dengan membawa dompet tedy itu. “Endah, ga asyik d!” Lalu terungkaplah cerita tentang konspirasi mereka. Tadi pas masih di pantry dan melihat aku yang bergegas keluar dan melihat dompetku yang tertinggal, “mereka” sepakat untuk melihat bagaimana jika panik ๐Ÿ™‚ … Jadi saat aku ngeloyor ke dapur untuk mencari dompetku, rupanya di ruangan sudah tersebar info, “Endah, mulai panik!” Dan Amin “bertugas” membuntutiku ke pantry untuk melihat bagaimana reaksiku. Tapi tak ada keluhan/cerita/pertanyaan yang kukatakan ke Amin terkait dengan hilangnya dompetku. Aku malah sibuk bikin teh ๐Ÿ™‚ … tapi sebenarnya lagi mikir juga seperti yang kuceritakan tadi.
Kata “Endah, ga asyik d,” membuatku teringat pada KrisNop-Nop, Ely, Dono, si Y … yang gemar “mengusikku”.ย Hello guys … I miss you all ๐Ÿ™‚ย Nyembunyiin tas, kunci motor, naruh boneka segedhe gaban di ranselku, naruh sesuatu di kursiku … tapi buntut-buntutnya mereka yang kecewa karena aku tak bereaksi ato berekspresi seperti yang mereka harapkan :)) Tak ada lonjakan kaget, tak ada teriakan panik … tapi hanya tampang pucet saja sambil nanya, “Kunciku di mana ya?” ato malah aku diam seribu bahasa sambil sibuk nyari barang yang mereka sembunyikan.
Ah, de javu … kisah itu terulang lagi di kantor baru ๐Ÿ™‚ … heran juga kenapa mereka ingin melihatku “panik” ๐Ÿ™‚
9 Mei 2012


As an editor of translating materials, dictionaries are the most important tools. A year ago, a friend of mine introduced me to after knowing that I’ve got “addicted” to dictionaries. This site really helps me in doing my work. Usually my table would be covered up by several thick and big dictionaries. It was not easy and comfortable to do another works. But after using, my table is much clear since this site provides complete feature of dictionaries (English to Indonesian; Indonesia to English; and English to English).

Then really a surprise for me when open the link of today (Nov 29, 2011). The new interface and logo give a fresh sight to this site. More colorful and more features are being added to this site. Of course dictionaries are the main product. You can find the English to Indonesian; Indonesian to English; and English to English dictionaries. Now the place where you can type a word or a phrase or a sentence needed to translate is on the top of the site. It really helps for users to use the dictionaries. After adding a completely new database for dictionaries, I hope that for the future it will be more to add, such as idioms, link to another dictionary versions (legal, technique, medical, economic, agriculture, etc). At least just add the link to those versions.

Not only online dictionaries, this site also provides feature of Sederet mobile. So, you can open the site and using its feature on your mobile phone. Then whenever you go, you can always bring this site with you ๐Ÿ™‚ What if I am tired in doing my work and need a simple activity to refresh my mind? Just play the Games provided by I have tried the games since I find out its new face. The games are really fun and still related with the “letters” world.

Besides the games, this site also provides Articles. There are still two articles up to this time, but I believe there will be more. The articles tell about the latest info and from them I know exactly where the new interface of is being launched and about the writing competition. Why don’t you try to join the competition too?

Another interesting feature is OpenSearch Plugin. So for you who use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, try this plugin. It will give you an easy access to Don’t know how to add this plugin? No need to worry, just click OpenSearch plugin in You will be guided to add the plugin. Just try if you want your internet browser can publish the search results in a standard and accessible format.

Last but not least is the feature of free magazines. You will be satisfied with the free trade magazine subscriptions and technical document downloads in this site. Just browse through the list provided and enjoy them. The most important to knowโ€ฆall are absolutely free ๐Ÿ™‚

But, there is one thing that make me “tired” when opening this site…its advertisements ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I wish that the ads will be reduce or no ads at all? It must be impossible since this site give a really good stuff for free and the ads support all their work.

That’s the story of me who find the ease in doing my work by browsing It is your turn now to try it and enjoy all the interesting features in this one-stop online dictionary:

Jakarta, 5 December 2011

greenness to creamy

greenness building is its look at the first sight
not only its walls but almost every detail inside are in green
though green is not my favorite color
but must try to love it since
whatever i look around, every thing is in green

my first step at this greenness office was at 1 August 2006,
and my last step dated at 23 August 2011.
the same “August” but has different year and stories.
so for 5 years, i spent 9 hours a day in this lovely office
it became my stepping stone after living more than
30 years in Solo, my sweet lovely country.

my greenness office was a place where i meet many ordinary people
who have done so many extra ordinary things
first place to get involved in printing materials
first place to deal with many volunteers in translating
first place to work in the most crowded city
a place to work, to share, to laugh, to cry
with several close friends whom God put during the years
now, the greenness office just a nice memory

by God’s blessing for our ministry
we have a new office, three times bigger than the green one
not green but creamy nuance and brown at some places
actually my favorite color
but still have a strange feeling when working in this new place.
not feel homy yet … try to find a comfort zone
since start working at 27 August 2011
still meet great staff with their extra ordinary talents
still work with lovely friends
will get more great works to be done
also there will be new stories and exciting ones
cant wait to write them up.

good bye my greenness office
welcome aboard my creamy one ๐Ÿ™‚

Jakarta, 29 August 2011