Bright Yellow?

Yellow is not my favorite color. But this morning, suddenly I became a yellow fanatic fan. When I went to the toilet to remove the residual fluid excreted by my kidneys, I really surprised because the color was no longer bright yellow, but it was almost red. How come since my period was finished last week?

“You need to drink much water to clear up the color,” said one of my friends.

I followed her suggestion and tried to make myself busy with office works so that I did’nt think about it. The 2nd time I went to the toilet, my urine color didn’t change a bit.

“Perhaps after lunch,” I said to myself and kept the positive thinking. But after lunch, the color stayed red, no matter how many glasses of water I drink 😦

Worry slowly infiltrated my mind and my heart. After lunch, quickly I consulted Mr. Google to know all reasons which can change the urine color. The results were not make me happy at all, such as a possibility of urinary infection, or early symptoms of kidney failure, or symptoms of hepatitis, or carotene excess in the body, etc. Indeed, since morning, I didn’t feel good with my tummy and easy to bloat every time I ate spicy or sour food. My worry crippled me. I can’t focus on my works at that time, forgot my appointment with my friends, forgot to call my sister, and many more. Too much worry crippled me 😦 Since there was no changes in the color after office hour, I immediately sought information about medical check up (MCU) at the nearest hospital.

Then I tried to remember the food I ate yesterday and the days before. There were no strange food I ate last week and yesterday I just cooked broccoli and carrots. Was it few slices of carrot caused the carotene excess and make my tummy swirled? Or was it because of too much stress due to increasingly office tasks?

I tried not too focus on the problem, but I failed. Even the arrival of Selmi, my best friend didn’t help either. She asked for some translations, but I help her halfheartedly. She thought that I was tired and sleepy, so she didn’t stay any longer. Before left my room, out of the blue she asked, “Was your pee red all day?”

How can she know?

“Yes!! I’d been anxious all day because of it. I googled it for the reasons and the results made me worry.”

Easily she replied, “It was because we ate red dragon fruits last night, Sis. No need to worry.”

Just because eating the dragon fruit?? Suddenly my burden disappeared. The dragon fruits, the red ones, were the culprit which made me worry all day. Were they? 🙂 I googled again about the red dragon fruit. The results said that it has high content of antioxidant and carotene. The fruit is very good for maintaining our health. And when you eat it, don’t be surprised when you don’t get your bright yellow pee 🙂

Worries didn’t give me any good that day, even made me forgot to bring in my prayer. My execuse was that it’s just a simple thing, no need pray about it. Just a simple but makes me worry all day? So, whether it’s big or just a simple, I know that I can tell Him everything. Too much worry is not healthy.

Reference: Philliphians 4:6

Jakarta, 26 February 2018


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