Ghost (Writing) Clinic

A friend of mine told me several months ago that she will join a writing workshop by the end of May. I simply asked her how to join the workshop. Everything with ghost in writing interest me 🙂 . . . though I am not a writer.I can only write daily stories, a kind of diary, and just short stories. Start from rarely to write in 2015 to update my private blow until I don’t write anymore. I just feel that I can’t write and my writings just an ordinary ones, not good and not interesting. That is the reason I like to write as a ghost by using pseudonym. Mostly readers don’t know that it was my writing. But several of my close friends can guess it by reading the writing style I use. Even now, it is a struggle for me to write the opening sentence. When reading my old writings, I don’t remember how can I write all the sentences. Some of my friends said that I need to practice and start to write article for blog. Don’t they know my struggle that I don’t feel confidence with my own writings? Or is it because I’m too afraid to get some critics? Or afraid that reader will say that it is a bad writing ever? Or I don’t want to practice or to try again? Or still I can’t let go my old wounds which hurt my heart deeply?

No matter the reasons are, I just know that I’m lazy to write and provide so many excuses not to write anymore. So when joining the ghost writer clinic, I meet the great speaker. She is an editor who becomes a fiction writer, a wellknown ones. Again she reminds us about practice, practice, and practice to increase the writing skill. That’s the difficult task for me since I never write anymore. But she bewitches me with the writing process of Negeri Para Roh. She gives several practice ways how to sharpen our writing skills. It seems that she says, “Don’t be afraid to write! You write to satisfy your soul and heart, no matter others will say!” Can I do that?

That’s the reason which make me shock since I’m one of two participants who won the main doorprize: this great writer, Rosi L. Simamora, will coaching me personally to write something, until the end of December 2016! All the participants want this doorprize and I’m the one who get it, but still I don’t believe it . . . what will I write? This is a great opportunity, but I don’t know how to use it . . . these questions come up in my mind when the MC invites me to go to the front and shake hand with mbak Rosi. It is not a dream, but still I can’t believe it. Even mbak Rosi can read it through my face . . .

Yes, it will be my good chance to write again. But the big question is, what will I write? Don’t know yet . . .


My room, 29 May 2016



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