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trip to Depok :)

I dont believe that I actually did the trip last nite or this early morning. Today is Sem’s birthday and she starts to live in her house at Depok with her brother. I miss her since we are together to live in the same boarding house for almost 10 years 😦

Today is her birthday and actually her sister and I have a plan to go to Depok on next Friday to celebrate the birthday. Her sister has 4 subjects to learn at her campus today and I as usual has to go to the office, then do the teaching. Too late to go to Depok after we are done with our activities.

So yesterday morning, I came up with an idea that we have to make a surprise for Sem at midnite. I tried to find a car to rent, but all are full-booking. Thanks God, Edel and Andri can find one and succeed to ask Ray, their friend, to be the driver.

I arrived home at 20.30 after visited Marlina at RS Siloam, Karawaci. Then at 21.30, we were ready to go to Depok…Edel, Ray, Inda, Sri, Andri, Roland, and me. Inda bought the birthday cake for this simple surprise party. At 23.13, we arrived at GDC. Since the kids were hungry, we stopped at nasi uduk for late dinner.

Then we arrived at Sem’s house at 24.05 πŸ™‚ …so much fun for the preparation, so many laughs with the kids, and Inda’s effort to open the gate quietly. It succeed but not with the main door at the house. We found out that Sem did not pull out the key from the door so that we can’t open it from outside. Thanks God since Bobby was awake and opened the door for us.

And Sem…she just woke up from her sleep πŸ™‚ but she told us that she had the feeling that we will do something for her because of my WhatsApp messages. Oh, no…we try to keep it secret, but I’m the one who blow the secret. Yesterday morning I just said how I miss her and how is her first journey from Depok to her office. But because of the messages, she had got the feeling that something will happen for her….so sorry kids πŸ™‚

At least we had so much fun in the short time. But something happened with my tummy. I had got a stomachache and it hurt very much. I thought that it was because of the nasi uduk, but only me who got the stomachache 😦 It disappeared after I spent some times in the toilet. Then we were ready to go home.

Ray was so fast when we were heading home…whether it was late at nite so the street was very quiet or because he was sleepy as we were. We can sleep during the journey but Ray cant πŸ™‚

At 2.30, I reached my room sweet room and fall a sleep rightaway…thanks kids for today πŸ™‚

Jakarta & Depok, 11 June 2015