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happy thanksgiving :)

suddenly i remember the thanksgiving party in my old office. since no turkey in Indonesia, chicken is ok lah πŸ™‚ So the boss ‘cooked’ 2 or 3 grilled chickens with special ingredients in her big oven and prepared also smash potatoes and others. Then the lunch was ready to serve.

At my time, the staff only a few, not more than 15, so it was a must to say what we were give thanks for…in our work, our family, or our personal life. Hearing all their thanks made me amazed…and now still amazed…of how great our Lord is.

Not only we gave thanks for big things or miraculous ones, even the smallest things or the ordinary ones that made us really grateful for Him…when we still have opportunity to open our eyes in the morning…hey, i’m still alive today πŸ™‚ …, to inhale the fresh air, to move all parts of our body, to smile with our lips, for the sun, for the family, for the work, for all things…

After all the giving thanks and praying for all things He has done and given, we were ready to eat now. The boss’ husband were ready with his knife and big fork to cut the chickens. “Which part do you want?” he asked us one by one…head, neck, breast, wings, etc. He cut the chicken for each of us…and then we started to enjoy the meals and also the togetherness again and again.

So, happy Thanksgiving πŸ™‚
What would you give thanks for today and tomorrow and so-on and so-on? πŸ™‚

Jakarta, 28 November 2013


langit suam-suam kuku

pagi ini, tak terlihat mendung
tak ada juga pijaran mentari
akankah hujan hari ini?
ataukah cerah sepanjang hari?

langit suam-suam kuku
membuatku cemas tak menentu
tak jelas apa yang menanti
saat tiba di penghujung hari

itukah alasan tak disukai
suam-suam kukunya hati
tak panas, tak juga dingin
tak menunjukkan kepastian hati

langit suam-suam kuku
memberikan gambaran pasti
kulit luar terlihat teduh
tak bisa ditebak hasil yang menanti

janganlah suam-suam kuku hatiku
pilihlah satu yang pasti
jangan seperti langit suam-suam kuku
yang terbentang di pagi ini

goresan hati
Jakarta, 28 Nov 2013