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Anybody knows the meaning of hesed? Hesed or chesed is an old greek word which means the loving-kindness, but which is over the top. When someone gives his abundant love to a person who doesnt deserve to accept his love, this someone shows hesed.

Talking about hesed, there is a discussion after the staff devotion this morning. We all are watching DVD That You May Be Certain and one of the parts is talking about the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15).

Now I just write what things come up in my mind after reading the three parables in the Luke 15. So it’s just my opinion πŸ™‚

The first parable is about the man who has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. The second parable is about a woman who has ten silver coin and loses one coin. The third one is a certain man who has 2 sons–the younger son wasted his possessions with prodigal living and the older one lived a good living in his father’s house.

The younger son who comes back and wants to live as his father’s slave get hesed (a kind of love which is over the top) from his father, but not from his older brother who does not happy with the coming back of his younger bother.

Someone ask a question of what we should do as the older son so that we do not get lost too? I just think a different lesson from the 3 parables. At first, it seems that the older brother envies with his father’s love who accept his younger brother and celebrates his coming back with a party. The older one who is very angry to his father says, “I obey and serve you and I dont get a young goat to make a party with my friends?”

But i think he is not angry over the young goat or a party for him. Actually he is angry with his father’s way in treating his younger brother. Perhaps in his mind he says that his brother doesnt deserve to get hesed from his father because of his prodigal living.

When we compare it with the two parables…the shepherd and the woman with all their hearts willing to look for the one sheep and one silver coin which lose. But why it is hard to do the same with the sinner?

The audiences of those parables are pharisees and scribes. So, the younger son is the sinner, the older son is pharisees and scribes, and the father is God.

It seems that God teaches me to accept and full of joy when a sinner makes a repentance. Is it easy? No! I have my own judgement for each people. For A & B, I am happy for their repentance, but not for C. But God teaches me to love and accept all kind of people the same as my willingness to search for either my “sheep or coin” which lose.

Second lesson, I tend to keep the secret of my joy for my own. I dont want to share so that other people can find their joy too by knowing Jesus. This is a wrong attitude. If I know the source of the real joy, I must share it to others though in my mind they dont deserve to know the secret.

Hhmmm…those just what i thought after the devo time on Wednesday morning.

Jakarta, 17 April 2013


living or dying

“Have you ever think about dying?”
“Just raise your hand so I know who ever think about dying.”
“Ha…nobody raise a hand? No wonder since I believe all of you like to think about living…and not about dying.”

Those are parts that i can remember from the sermon last Monday at Agape chapel (14 Apr 2013). Actually the reverend shares from 2 Corinthians 5:1-21 to answer our struggles when we lost the passion to share Gospel and we become unfruitful.

The reverend said that we should think about mortal and immortality. We are mortal creatures and live in earthly tent, which are our body. One day, the earthly tent will be swallowed and we long for our transformation into our heavenly body…only when we know Christ and accept Him as our Savior. We must prepare ourselves since we dont know when our earthly tent will gone.

The word dying blows up in my mind again when the news of Boston tragedy spread in all kinds of media. Do the victims ever think that their lives will be gone when they are reaching the final line? I do not know, but maybe they never think about dying on the final line…they just think about winning, happiness of being participated in this big event, proudness since they can run for their love ones, and many more…but not dying. Still in my mind about the 8th years boy and the college student who passed away at that event, the mourning families and friends.

What about us? We cant escape from our own death. What are our preparations? Some people still afraid to think or talk about death or dying. There are some reasons: they are uncertain of where will they be after pass away–heaven or hell; or they are afraid of the dying process which seems very painful when the reaper shows up; or they think about what happen with their love one if they pass away; or they are not ready enough since they dont walk in the righteousness way; or many more reasons.

But ready or not, one day we will die. With Christ, nothing to worry about the valley of death. But still we need to prepare ourselves to maintain our thoughts, our words, our actions…so they can be in accordance to God’s way. And dont keep it to ourselves since we need to share it to others so that they are not worry or afraid about their death.

So when we think about living, dont forget to think about dying too…either our own or our beloved ones. Please make sure that they know Christ too.

Cheers πŸ™‚

Jakarta, 14 April 2013