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my little journey…to TIM :)

Though already 6 years live in Jakarta, today is the 1st time I go to Cikini street by myself, actually to Pusat Dokumentasi Sastra (PDS) HB Jassin at Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM). The place isn’t in the middle of nowhere. It is in Central Jakarta and I don’t know how to reach it by myself…fiyuh πŸ™‚

After asking my friend who knows well the Jakarta public transportation, I am ready to start this little adventure.I take the busway and get off to Kwitang shelter. For the first time also I know the location of GKI Kwitang, which is near the BPK Gunung Mulia bookstore…wedew. I am really surprised for myself who never give attention to places. After asking the church’s satpam, he says that I can’t find the bus P20 at the front of the church anymore. Have to walk back to Tugu Tani statue, and wait for the bus at the traffic light. So I do the little walking..almost 500 meters from the church and waiting at Tugu Tani shelter. Then there are two buses, since I can’t read its number–I need a new glasses–the buses just pass by and both of them are P20…AC and non-AC. Then another red light. There is kopaja 502 and actually I can go with it since it will pass by the TIM. But I don’t take it. Twice are kopaja 502 pass by but I just ignore them. I am waiting for P20 since that’s the number my friend told me. Thanks God, I’m not waiting too long. There is P20, AC, and have to buy Rp5000 for not along journey from the tranffic light πŸ™‚

Yes, finally I arrive at TIM, at 09.10…it is not so late, then asking where the PDS is. The staff at parking lot says that PDS is right behind the blue building, the Planetarium Jakarta. And I find the place, but I feel so lonely in this HPI (Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia) community. I don’t know a single one and the old members seem to enjoy their meeting…and I am not. But I meet a new friend, a new comer too and she becomes my “talkmate” during the events.

Now, it is time to go home. On the way out, I meet an old lady and guess…she lives in Bojong :)) She is a legal translator, the specialize of law documents and almost 500 documents to translate every month…wow πŸ™‚ She will go home by taxi, actually she asks me to join, but I refuse it since I want to know how to go home by myself from TIM.

My friend says that I can walk a little bit from TIM to the nearby junction since the Cikini Raya is one way street. It is almost 3 p.m. and the day is extremely hot. I don’t have enough energy to walk during the hot day since I don’t know how far is the junction. So I take P20 again and only to pay Rp2000 since it is non-AC πŸ™‚ The problem is this bus just pass by the nearby junction and it doesn’t turn left to the junction and I am not dare enough to get off since it seems that there will be no certainty about public transportation which will turn left at the junction. Since I dont want the bus takes me to LebakBulus, I ask the kernet about the nearby busway shelter. He says there will be one shelter nearby. It’s ok for me as long as I can get off the kopaja in one of busway shelter.

Yes…finally the kopaja takes me to the Setiabudi shelter. And for me it’s a new busway route…ckckckckck. I pass the Latuharhari shelter and the last shelter is Dukuh Atas. Then I can find my own way to Rawa Buaya shelter from Dukuh Atas. But it’s along long time to wait for the busway in Dukuh Atas, and then also a very long queue in Harmoni shelter in waiting for the busway to Kalideres.

I stop by at Jelambar for farewell party with Ida, but Selmi, Inda, and Papap don’t want to come since the sky is very dark and there will be a hard rain. So I am in a hurry to leave CL and take kopaja to Rawa Buaya. At Pesing, the rain starts pouring itself and still a hard rain at the red light of Rawa Buaya and I’ve got myself wet when get off from the bus. The rain and the wind is so hard but all are disappear when the angkot arrives at Semanan.

No farewell party with Ida who will leave BBH tomorrow because of the rain and I’m afraid can’t go home if there are floods on Daan Mogot street.

Jakarta, 9 February 2013