my poor reaction

I’m really surprised with my own reaction when someone shouts loudly, “Who will want to come tomorrow? Just to do the preparation of BC things. I will come and work!” How can she say like that? That’s my protest…in my heart 🙂

Actually, tomorrow is a holiday and no need to go to the office. The idea is that since BC will be held on Saturday (Jan 26), we can do many things for the preparation when we come to the office during tomorrow holiday. But what we can do? If we are in blank, don’t know what kinds of job still need to do, who will be willing to come? There will be a BC meeting almost by the end of the day. In my opinion, it is not wise to ask people to come tomorrow in this early morning. We can announce it during the meeting. It is different when we know things still need to do for the preparation and how much help is needed. I think all of us will come voluntarily tomorrow.

After talking about it with my roommates and the one who speak aloud the announcement, now I’m thinking about my reaction. Is it because I’m not willing to come? Since the morning announcement, I heard someone responds, “I will come also to work tomorrow!” Wow…the first responder immediately shows the willingness to come though still dont know things to do. How it is so different with my reaction? 😦 Also I regret with my reaction since I talk with the initiator, someone else says that the warehouse staff needs help to do all the packing for all BC things.

Still my mind protests…only several people who know about things to do. Why dont just open it up in the meeting? Oh my poor judgement, even the meeting has not been held yet when I’m writing this story. Be patience my heart and my mind…don’t judge of anything by what I feel and selfish thought.

23 January 2013


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