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Towel’s Story

A few months ago, whenever looking at my towels, I just said that I need new ones. But still the price is still expensive. Decided to wait for towel sale or big discounts. Then luckily, at the end of November, the mall nearby the office promotes big discount…40% for the towel I need.

Just go to the mall, review the colors, decides to buy which one, go to another mall, reviews all the prices, and then do not buy it at all πŸ™‚ I don’t know…I need it but I cant make my head and my hand to put the new towels in the plastic bag, and pay them. Time goes by and the discount is expired, but I dont feel disappointment though.

Then there is AGAPE celebration in the second week of December. You guess what…the gift for each teachers is towel! Yeyayyy…finally I’ve got a new towel. Perhaps this is the reason why I never buy the towel by myself. I just said to myself, I wish I would get another towel too for Christmas gift in the office. My wish comes true.

Today, in my birthday, someone in the office (since we dont know who is the gift giver…everyone just pick a name lottery to buy him/her gift) gives me a maroon towel (the color I favor), though it just a medium towel. But it’s Terry Palmer’s πŸ™‚

My dearest God…You have such a great sense of humor. Xie xie ni for Your generosity.

Jakarta, December 21, 2012
* Today is not a doomsday πŸ™‚
* One staff provides B2 satay and Bakut for lunch as a celebration of the 1st bday of his daughter
* For me and my twin, we buy coypan (a kind of pangsit with bengkoang content) for the morning snack
* For afternoon, a farewell party of several interns who already help us in the office for 3 months