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my little chef

She was still 9 years old when I left her. Stil in the 4th grade of her elementary school. I still remember the crying, the pain, and the emptiness when I dont live together with her anymore.

But now, my dearest little sister is almost 15 years old. Six years has been passed and now she becomes a teenager, not a child anymore.

She is really dependent now, though still clumsy in doing the household works πŸ™‚ Start from riding her bycicle, boiling water, cooking indomie, frying tofu, and many more. All cant be achieved by her if i lived with her since i spoiled her so much, the youngest sister in the house.

For my surprise, yesterday she sent me pictures of 3 kinds of food she made with her school group–rujak, gado-gado, and 3-colors of porridges. Wow…my little sister can cok real food now πŸ™‚ Yes, after graduated from her junior school, she chose to go to SMK and not SMA. Though SMK is very far away from our house, she still decides to chose SMK and go to Boga division. She has a vision to continue my mom’s business as a caterer. Even i do never think about take over my mom’m….i cant cook and i dont like to cook….i just like to eat :))

But my spoiled little sister has such kind of vision. Yes, she is the one who stays with our parents now. At first, she wants to be an English teacher, perhaps she wants to follow my step. But when she lives day after day for 6 years, without my interference, she already changes her mind πŸ™‚ She, who never willing to help my mom whenever there were catering orders or help to cook when i stay around, is the only daughter who wants to follow and continue my mom’s step.

Good job my dear. Keep up your dream to become a great chef.

Jakarta, 11 September 2012