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a word of praise

Being gifted as an editor, it can be a blessing and also “a curse”. In one side, I’m really grateful for the eyes which can find some mistakes in a text, then give command to my fingers to dance on the keyboard. But in the other side, I just think that this unique talent can be a curse too since my eyes are automatically finding mistakes first rather than expressing praise.

I encounter this fact every time I am dealing with the Graphic team. Whenever Graphic do the draft of one design, I always and always look for the mistakes first. No words of praise burst out from my lips ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But when I take the draft to the project coordinator, the first words produce from her mouth are, “It’s really beautiful. The design, the color … I never think that the text can be put nicely and beautifully.” After that, she starts to examine the text. Though she finds several mistakes in the sentences and suggests the revision, her attitude makes me stunt. How can’t I be like her?

That’s a good lesson from her. I confess to her that I want to have an attitude as she did whenever I’m dealing with any kinds of draft. In my opinion, giving praise is not a one-day lesson, then I can be “a master”. It is a process, a hard one for me relating with my editor eyes. But I want to learn it day by day. Not just giving a perfunctory praise, but a sincere one.

The right word at the right time–beautiful! ~Proverb 15:23b

Jakarta, 21 June 2012

PS: Thanks to Kak Frisca for the lesson ๐Ÿ™‚ [sales alert SON 2012]