about Sederet.com

As an editor of translating materials, dictionaries are the most important tools. A year ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Sederet.com after knowing that I’ve got “addicted” to dictionaries. This site really helps me in doing my work. Usually my table would be covered up by several thick and big dictionaries. It was not easy and comfortable to do another works. But after using Sederet.com, my table is much clear since this site provides complete feature of dictionaries (English to Indonesian; Indonesia to English; and English to English).

Then really a surprise for me when open the link of Sederet.com today (Nov 29, 2011). The new interface and logo give a fresh sight to this site. More colorful and more features are being added to this site. Of course dictionaries are the main product. You can find the English to Indonesian; Indonesian to English; and English to English dictionaries. Now the place where you can type a word or a phrase or a sentence needed to translate is on the top of the site. It really helps for users to use the dictionaries. After adding a completely new database for dictionaries, I hope that for the future it will be more to add, such as idioms, link to another dictionary versions (legal, technique, medical, economic, agriculture, etc). At least just add the link to those versions.

Not only online dictionaries, this site also provides feature of Sederet mobile. So, you can open the site and using its feature on your mobile phone. Then whenever you go, you can always bring this site with you 🙂 What if I am tired in doing my work and need a simple activity to refresh my mind? Just play the Games provided by Sederet.com. I have tried the games since I find out its new face. The games are really fun and still related with the “letters” world.

Besides the games, this site also provides Articles. There are still two articles up to this time, but I believe there will be more. The articles tell about the latest info and from them I know exactly where the new interface of Sederet.com is being launched and about the writing competition. Why don’t you try to join the competition too?

Another interesting feature is OpenSearch Plugin. So for you who use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, try this plugin. It will give you an easy access to Sederet.com. Don’t know how to add this plugin? No need to worry, just click OpenSearch plugin in Sederet.com. You will be guided to add the plugin. Just try if you want your internet browser can publish the search results in a standard and accessible format.

Last but not least is the feature of free magazines. You will be satisfied with the free trade magazine subscriptions and technical document downloads in this site. Just browse through the list provided and enjoy them. The most important to know…all are absolutely free 🙂

But, there is one thing that make me “tired” when opening this site…its advertisements 😦 I wish that the ads will be reduce or no ads at all? It must be impossible since this site give a really good stuff for free and the ads support all their work.

That’s the story of me who find the ease in doing my work by browsing Sederet.com. It is your turn now to try it and enjoy all the interesting features in this one-stop online dictionary: Sederet.com

Jakarta, 5 December 2011


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