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greenness to creamy

greenness building is its look at the first sight
not only its walls but almost every detail inside are in green
though green is not my favorite color
but must try to love it since
whatever i look around, every thing is in green

my first step at this greenness office was at 1 August 2006,
and my last step dated at 23 August 2011.
the same “August” but has different year and stories.
so for 5 years, i spent 9 hours a day in this lovely office
it became my stepping stone after living more than
30 years in Solo, my sweet lovely country.

my greenness office was a place where i meet many ordinary people
who have done so many extra ordinary things
first place to get involved in printing materials
first place to deal with many volunteers in translating
first place to work in the most crowded city
a place to work, to share, to laugh, to cry
with several close friends whom God put during the years
now, the greenness office just a nice memory

by God’s blessing for our ministry
we have a new office, three times bigger than the green one
not green but creamy nuance and brown at some places
actually my favorite color
but still have a strange feeling when working in this new place.
not feel homy yet … try to find a comfort zone
since start working at 27 August 2011
still meet great staff with their extra ordinary talents
still work with lovely friends
will get more great works to be done
also there will be new stories and exciting ones
cant wait to write them up.

good bye my greenness office
welcome aboard my creamy one 🙂

Jakarta, 29 August 2011