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The Living Spring Water

Every semester of AGAPE fellowship, we always do an outing project. It helps the kids and their parents applying the lessons they have had for 3 months. Usually we do it outdoor, so we can build much better fellowhip and refresh our mind and eyes when seeing the natural sceneries.

For this semester of Jan-Jun 2011, we go to The Living Spring Water at Cisarua. Since there is one-way schedule on the way to Puncak, we cant go up after 11 AM. But the committee gives us 2 alternative ways.

Since the outing project is the same as the celebration of Great Friday, so I spend the time to go to church first with Vivi, Lensi, and Samuel. One thing that I “hate” on Great Friday worship is the excerpt of The Passion of Christ film. I cant stand the sound of Jesus persecution before He went to the cross. But there is the song of “Down the Via Dolorosa”…so I kept my mind focus on the song.

At first, Mr. & Mrs. Hans will worship together at my church, but the plan is changed. They will pick me up at church before 10 AM. I have been a little bit worry when the time show me 09.30 and the worship do not finish yet. But, finally it finishes at 09.45. The plan is changed again, they will meet me near Puri since it is too expensive to go via toll just to pick me 🙂 I ask Vivi to take me to Puri, but we do not bring helmet. We want to borrow from Sam, but then I change my mind and to go to Puri by ojek. It is expensive 😦 … he charges me 10000 for a short distance. One minute after I arrive at Nissan showroom, the black car arrives too … thanks God, I’m not late.

Then we go to Harapan Kita hospital to pick up Nita, who will help us for teaching the little kids. Then the torturing time for me begins…when Nita and I busy in preparing the tools to make maracas (a music instrument), I dont feel the headache and the nausea. But after finishing all the preparations, the sickness becomes more and more. The mint oil gives a little help and I try to sleep or at least close my eyes. But cant stay longer since I cant sleep 😦 and the traffic jam at Cibubur make it worst. Finally after we go out of the toll-gate, Mr. Hans takes the car to a stopping place, so we can take a rest and find some lunch. When open
the door, I can feel the fresh air which heel my sickness….thanks God.

Or my sickness is because I dont get enough breakfast in the morning? But, at last the lunch, soto sulung, is really helpful to recover my strength. Then, when continuing our journey to Cisarua, no more sickness.

We choose the 2nd alternative since it is more than 11.00 AM. We go via Sukabumi and turn left on Ciawi market. No traffic jam but the roads…it’s like riding a roller-coster. The road is too steep at several places. But finally we can find the place, The Living Spring Water, and do not get lost.

The place is very very beautiful. We rent all the rooms and for teachers and the family with big kids, we stay in a barrack. Each has 12 beds. But the barrack is in the lowest place. So many stairs to take when we go down to the place. Families
with small kids have mini paviliun each between the barrack and the auditorium. The auditorium and one big paviliun (with 2 bedrooms and 2 livingrooms) are in the highest place. So for teachers, we have to take all things we need so that no need to go up and down when there is a thing left. But over all, the view of the place is really great. It refresh our eyes and lungs … The Living Spring Water.

On the way to Cisarua,
22nd April 2011