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the graduation day of BBH kids

It’s been more than 4,5 years i’m staying with the kids of STT PLN 2006 grade. There are 9 kids, 5 from electro department (lia, ida, selmi, lensi, & tina) & 4 from informaton department (nunung, indah, vivi, widya). Today is their big day, a graduation day.

All their folks and siblings come from their hometown to mark the success of their children in the education field. Selmi is the best student in her department. I believe her folks are very proud of her. But not only Selmi’s folks, but all the
kids folks must be proud of them today. From Manado, Padang, Makasar, Papua, Lampung, Kupang, Manukwari…it’s the 1st time for some of the folks, especially dads, to visit their daughters in the Beautiful Boarding House (BBH).

All the kids are very beautiful in their kebaya. Happiness in thier faces becuase today is the result of their hard study for 4 years. One thing make me proud, all of them are very clever students. Our BBH is never quiet during the exam seasons πŸ™‚ and all the kids from 2006, success in finishing their study together. They support each other so they can share happiness together in this big day.

It reminds me with one day at January 2000, my graduation day…wow, 10 years ago i’ve got the same feeling with theirs today. Since i didn’t live in a boarding house at that time, so i feel the ‘full house’ today…meeting for the 1st time
with several proud folks πŸ™‚

Congratulations girls for your big day today. May God bless you with happiness and strength in preparing you to face the days ahead.

Now, the big day for my kids has been done. Now it’s time for them to leave the nest. It’s already 4 years for them to stay in this comfort nest and study together. Today is their happiest day, but also the sad one when they say good bye to each other at the end of the ceremony.

The end is always the beginning of something new. Today is the end of their study, their togetherness. Big smiles on their faces and folks. But today also is the beginning of their new adventures, start looking for a job so that they can apply their skills & capabilities. Tears are flowing, since start from today they will fight by their own strength.

O boy…how i already miss them…the BBH will be different now without them. Just a glance thought that i will lose them soon when they shed their wings to find their new adventures in a work place. Good luck for you, but i will miss them
when they are ready to move from BBH…

Jakarta, BBH, 6 November 2010