Pilih yang Mana?

Mentari belum muncul dari peraduan saat aku bersiap-siap meninggalkan kehangatan kamar. Roda benak berputar kencang untuk memutuskan pilihan. Commuter-line atau Transjakarta? Menimbang-nimbang plus-minus dari keduanya agar bisa sampai di Gambir sebelum jam 07.00.

Bagaimana jika memilih si naga besi? Cukup jalan kaki menuju sarangnya dan siap membawaku pergi jam 05.15. Tiga perhentian harus kulalui (Duri–Manggarai–Juanda) dan kemudian berganti moda transportasi untuk mencapai Gambir.

Bagaimana dengan bus? Perlu angkot atau go-jek untuk mengantarku ke halte dan aku tak tahu kapan munculnya armada pertama. Kelebihannya, hanya perlu berhenti sekali di Harmoni, dan bus selanjutnya akan membawaku langsung ke destinasi, Gambir.

Pilih yang mana? Transjakarta tentu saja! Menembus dinginnya pagi menuju halte Rawabuaya bersama motor si abang go-jek dan mencapai halte tepat jam 05.00. Menunggu dan menunggu di bagian halte yang tanpa lampu . . . armada pertama muncul jam 05.10 dan membawaku menuju Harmoni dalam waktu setengah-jam. Yang bikin senang, bus ke Pulogadung sudah menanti di gerbangnya dan masih banyak kursi kosong yang bisa diduduki. Jam 05.45 bus itu bergerak dan mengantarku sampai di Gambir tepat 5 menit sebelum jam 06.00. Yihay . . . happy karena tiba lebih awal dan bisa menanti dengan tenang . . . sekaligus frustrasi karena mati gaya— 75 menit menanti si naga besi yang akan mengantarku ke sarang batik Trusmi.

What should I do then? Just enjoy [or killing?] the time . . . reading, browsing, reading, browsing . . . until the train arrives on time, 07.15, to take me to my destination.

Jakarta, 14 June 2018



Don’t You Trust Me?

After tidied up the room, my uncle said that my cousin, Gary, will take me home. “Oh, no,” I said to myself. I’d rather go by bus than with Gary. He will ride his motorbike, the big one. Though I know how good Gary is with his motor, I am still afraid.

“Let’s go, sis!” said Gary when he was ready to take me home.

“Be careful and don’t go too fast!” my uncle said to his son. “OK, boss,” replied Gary with his smile.

Then, he and I were heading to the highway and my fear getting worsted. Many said that the biker will know when his/her passenger was very tense or afraid. “Are you afraid,” asked Gary.

“How many times you were riding with me and you still afraid?” he teased me.

“Of course, I am afraid. Don’t ride too fast, please.” He just laughed.

When we were in the highway, he didn’t slow down. I knew he was very skillful to ride in this heavy traffic jam, but still . . . Though he was fast, several motors are faster than him. When I kept talking to myself, “Please be calm, don’t be afraid,” suddenly on my left, I saw a man who rode with a small boy, perhaps his son. The boy was so calm. He just held the man’s waist and enjoyed the scenery. When we stopped at the traffic light, I say a woman who rode with a teenage girl. No worry in the girl’s face as soon as the woman hit the gas very fast when the traffic light turned to green. Me still stiff on Gary’s motor. What things made me so afraid to ride as motorbike’s passenger? List of “what ifs” was dancing in my mind . . . What if Gary runs too fast? What if he lost control of his speed and can’t hit the break? What if we fall? What if another motor hits us? What if there is accident? What if . . .

Before Gary hit the gas to make his motor faster, his question stunned me. “Don’t you trust me? I will never let you fall. Just relax and I will drive you safely.”

It seemed that he knew my mind? 🙂 I know that I am not as skillful as Gary when riding a motorbike. But I prefer to be the driver than the passenger. I can manage my speed (though I am well-known as the slowest rider) and how to ride my motor. Frankly, I am not brave enough to ride motorbike by own in the highways.

Gary’s question made me think, while I tried hard to calm myself. “Don’t you trust me?”

When for this simple thing—riding a motorbike with him—I can’t trust him fully, how I can trust something big or someone? It seems that I only prefer to trust myself. Though it isn’t always bad, but my percentage of trusting myself is very high. I need to learn to trust with all my heart and not lean on my own understanding, day by day, even with a simple thing like to ride a motorbike with Gary.

Reference: Proverb 3:5

Jakarta, 8 March 2018

Ah . . .

Ah, he will teach me something
But not as usual he trained me
He teases me with a new lesson
He takes me out from my comfort zone
I cries out in shock
My tears are falling hard
But he continues to teach me
Ah, what lesson will I learn?
Should it be like this?
I am looking around
and keep looking . . .
Reaching a determination
To look at my true counselor
Walk through the rough roads ahead
only sustain by his love for me,
makes me brave enough
to let go things I adore more.

Reference: Jeremiah 29:11

Jakarta, 27 February 2018

Wandering Soul

This morning . . .
grey clouds are hanging in the sky,
the white ones prefer to hide.
Will it rain again today?

Sometimes cloudy, sometimes bright
Who can guess the weather in a day?
When the morning greets us,
the sun shone brightly.
When the noon comes,
suddenly black clouds cover the sky.

Is there anything definite in this life?
Sometimes you laugh, other times angry,
sometimes you hear jokes, other times you grief,
sometimes you glow, sometimes moody your soul.
There will be life. There will be death.

Hope flies away, the soul wanders,
the heart searches for answers
looking for a solid place
as surely as the sun rises.

Reference: Ecclesiates 3:1-15

Jakarta, 21 February 2018

Bright Yellow?

Yellow is not my favorite color. But this morning, suddenly I became a yellow fanatic fan. When I went to the toilet to remove the residual fluid excreted by my kidneys, I really surprised because the color was no longer bright yellow, but it was almost red. How come since my period was finished last week?

“You need to drink much water to clear up the color,” said one of my friends.

I followed her suggestion and tried to make myself busy with office works so that I did’nt think about it. The 2nd time I went to the toilet, my urine color didn’t change a bit.

“Perhaps after lunch,” I said to myself and kept the positive thinking. But after lunch, the color stayed red, no matter how many glasses of water I drink 😦

Worry slowly infiltrated my mind and my heart. After lunch, quickly I consulted Mr. Google to know all reasons which can change the urine color. The results were not make me happy at all, such as a possibility of urinary infection, or early symptoms of kidney failure, or symptoms of hepatitis, or carotene excess in the body, etc. Indeed, since morning, I didn’t feel good with my tummy and easy to bloat every time I ate spicy or sour food. My worry crippled me. I can’t focus on my works at that time, forgot my appointment with my friends, forgot to call my sister, and many more. Too much worry crippled me 😦 Since there was no changes in the color after office hour, I immediately sought information about medical check up (MCU) at the nearest hospital.

Then I tried to remember the food I ate yesterday and the days before. There were no strange food I ate last week and yesterday I just cooked broccoli and carrots. Was it few slices of carrot caused the carotene excess and make my tummy swirled? Or was it because of too much stress due to increasingly office tasks?

I tried not too focus on the problem, but I failed. Even the arrival of Selmi, my best friend didn’t help either. She asked for some translations, but I help her halfheartedly. She thought that I was tired and sleepy, so she didn’t stay any longer. Before left my room, out of the blue she asked, “Was your pee red all day?”

How can she know?

“Yes!! I’d been anxious all day because of it. I googled it for the reasons and the results made me worry.”

Easily she replied, “It was because we ate red dragon fruits last night, Sis. No need to worry.”

Just because eating the dragon fruit?? Suddenly my burden disappeared. The dragon fruits, the red ones, were the culprit which made me worry all day. Were they? 🙂 I googled again about the red dragon fruit. The results said that it has high content of antioxidant and carotene. The fruit is very good for maintaining our health. And when you eat it, don’t be surprised when you don’t get your bright yellow pee 🙂

Worries didn’t give me any good that day, even made me forgot to bring in my prayer. My execuse was that it’s just a simple thing, no need pray about it. Just a simple but makes me worry all day? So, whether it’s big or just a simple, I know that I can tell Him everything. Too much worry is not healthy.

Reference: Philliphians 4:6

Jakarta, 26 February 2018

[Kemudahan] Layanan Paspor

Sehari setelah mengurus perpanjangan paspor di kantor Imigrasi Bandara Soeta, grup WA kantor memposting berita tentang kemudahn pengurusan paspor yang telah dilakukan oleh kantor Imigrasi Jakarta Selatan. Menurut berita, ujicoba telah dilakukan sejak tanggal 16 Mei 2017 tentang penerapan aplikasi antrean paspor online dan kemudahan penggantian paspor yang hanya melampirkan KTP dan paspr lama. Klik tautan berikut jika ingin membaca detailnya: http://www.imigrasi.go.id/index.php/berita/berita-utama/1389-layanan-paspor

Berita itu terasa seperti angin surga mengingat pengurusan paspor yang bisa dibilang lumayan panjang birokrasinya dan lumayan memakan waktu juga. Mumpung masih segar dalam ingatan karena baru saja mengurus perpanjangan paspor tanggal 23 Mei 2017, tulisan ini tertuang sekadar sebagai kenangan sekaligus harapan bahwa kemudahan layanan paspor itu sudah diaplikasikan di semua kantor Imigrasi.

Karena banyak berita menuliskan tentang panjangnya antrean untuk mengurus paspor di kantor Imigrasi Bandara, sejak jam 04.20 jemari sudah sibuk memencet tombol gawai untuk mendapatkan transportasi secara online. Baru berhasil mendapatkan moda transportasi jam 04.50. Untungnya masih subuh sehingga jalanan lancar dan sampai di kantor Imigrasi jam 05.15. Sempat clinguk-clinguk karena tak terlihat antrean mengular di sisi kanan gedung. Setelah berjalan menyusuri sisi gedung, terlihat beberapa orang telah duduk mengantre. Meski sempat salah duduk di kursi antrean, aku masih kebagian “kursi normal” di antrean sisi kanan.

Kursi antrean memang dipisahkan di sisi kiri dan kanan pintu masuk. Kursi antrean sisi kiri (arahnya menghadap pintu masuk) khusus bagi prioritas (lansia dan anak-anak). Kursi antrean sisi kanan adalah antrean reguler. Antrean ini berjajar sekitar 35 kursi lalu disambung satu bangku kayu, dan kemudian tembok pendek (yang bisa menjadi tempat duduk) yang memanjang dari ujung antrean sisi kanan sampai ke ujung antrean sisi kiri, setelah itu antrean berdiri di sepanjang sisi gedung.

Waktu penantian pun dimulai dari jam 05.15. Menurut berita, biasanya tiap hari Selasa dan Jumat, pendaftaran dibuka jam 06.00. Setelah ditanyakan ke petugas jaga, aturan itu sudah tak berlaku lagi. So, antrean pun sabar menanti dan telah mulai “mengular” sampai di sisi gedung saat jarum jam perlahan beranjak menuju angka 07.15 dan formulir dalam map kuning mulai dibagikan petugas.

Sekitar jam 07.00 sebelum formulir dibagikan, dibacakan berkas-berkas yang perlu disiapkan untuk dilampirkan dalam map:
1. fotokopi KTP (harus e-KTP, jika belum punya harus ada surat pernyataan bahwa e-KTP sedang dalam proses pembuatan)
2. fotokopi KK (Kebetulan membawa KK lama yang mencantumkan data ortu. Ini penting karena ada kolom nama dan tanggal lahir ortu yang perlu diisi. Bisa telepon juga sebenarnya jika kita lupa :).
3. fotokopi akta lahir. Ini sebenarnya bisa diganti dengan fotokopi ijazah SD/SMP/SMA. Fungsinya untuk cek nama kita dan nama ortu.
4. fotokopi paspor lama: halaman depan dan belakang (bagi yang mengurus perpanjangan paspor)
5. surat referensi dari tempat kerja.

Beberapa poin penting yang wajib diperhatikan:
1. semua berkas difotokopi dalam ukuran A4, termasuk e-KTP (jangan dipotong sekecil ukuran asli)
2. pastikan NIK di KK sama dengan NIK di e-KTP
3. pastikan penulisan ejaan nama (termasuk spasi) sama di semua berkas. Jika ada perbedaan penulisan, perlu dibuat surat pengantar.
4. bawalah pena dengan tinta hitam untuk mengisi formulir 🙂

Setelah selesai mengisi formulir, lampirkan semua berkas fotokopi dan berkas aslinya. Tulis “e-paspor” di bagian dalam map. Tepat di angka 07.30, petugas mempersilakan sekitar 50 orang untuk masuk ke ruangan dan duduk antre lagi. Namun kali ini, antreannya “berjalan” a.k.a bergeser tiap kali kursi kosong karena mulai dilayani “pengambilan nomor”. Sekitar jam 08.10 nomor antrean kuperoleh: 2-024. Ada dua versi nomor: dimulai dengan angka 1 bagi antrean prioritas (1-001 dst.) dan dimulai dengan angka 2 bagi antrean reguler (2-001 dst.)

nomor antrean

Di loket pengambilan nomor ini, petugas memeriksa kelengkapan berkas dan mencocokkan nama pemohon paspor. Setelah ok, nomor antrean tersemat di bagian dalam map. Setelah itu, aku menuju ke sisi kursi yang diizinkan untuk duduk di mana pun sembari menunggu panggilan. Sebenarnya ada 6 ruang yang disiapkan, tetapi hanya 4 ruang yang “beroperasi” pagi ini. Sekitar jam 09.30, nomorku dipanggil ke “ruang 2”.

Di ruang 2 ini, ada 2 set meja dan petugasnya yang siap melayani. Aku mendapat meja di sisi kiri dan diperiksa lagi berkas-berkas di map. Berkas fotokopi dan paspor asli diambil petugas. Berkas-berkas asli lainnya dikembalikan. Setelah itu, ditanya kapan rencana pergi ke luar negerinya. Hanya itu pertanyaan wawancaranya. Kemudian proses foto dan scan sidik jari tangan kanan dan kiri. Komputernya berjalan lambat saat memproses data dan akhirnya tercetak juga bukti untuk pembayaran sekitar jam 09.45. Paspor baru bisa diambil setelah 15 hari kerja. Lumayan juga . . .

Sebelum keluar dari ruangan, pastikan untuk menanyakan syarat untuk meminta kembali paspor lama. Ada yang mengatakan bahwa paspor lama pasti dikembalikan karena dibutuhkan saat mengurus visa. Tak perlu mengisi formulir permintaan kembali paspor lama. Ada juga yang menyarankan untuk mengambil formulir permintaan itu di tempat fotokopi (ada di dalam kantin). Agar aman, aku tetap mengambil formulir permintaan kembali paspor lama dengan membayar Rp1.000 saja.

Akhirnya semua proses di kantor Imigrasi pun selesai. Saat pulang, masih ada antrean di luar gedung karena batas pembagian formulir adalah jam 10.00. Good luck bagi mereka karena aku saja memerlukan waktu hampir 2 jam untuk antrean di dalam gedung.

Sesampai di kantor, terpikir untuk pergi ke BCA atau BNI untuk membayar pembuatan paspor. Iseng bertanya ke mbah google dan ada petunjuk untuk membayarnya via KlikBCA. Tak perlu pergi, cukup dengan sentuhan jari, pembayaran pun kelar kulakukan. Thanks untuk situs Jalan-Jalan Hemat yang memaparkan cara pembayarannya. Cek tautan ini: http://www.jalanjajanhemat.com/2017/01/cara-membayar-paspor-menggunakan-klikbca/

Nah, selesai sudah semua langkah. Tinggal menanti 15 hari untuk menantikan terbitnya paspor baru 🙂 Ada SMS gateway untuk update status pembuatan paspor itu. Sorry burem fotonya, tapi masih jelas dibaca 😉


Dari jam 05.15–09.45 untuk mengurus perpanjangan paspor . . . alangkah indahnya jika kemudahan layanan paspor benar-benar diterapkan di semua kantor Imigrasi. Adakah warga Jakarta Selatan yang sudah menikmati kemudahan layanan itu?

Jakarta, 23 Mei 2017

When Bad Feelings Appear

“Birds flying high, you know how I feel. Sun in the sky, you know how I feel. Breeze driftin’ on by, you know how I feel. It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life . . . for me. And I’m feeling good.”

Do you recognize the song? Yes, it’s Michael Buble’s “Feeling Good”. Hope that we always get good feeling all day, but it seems impossible since sometimes our surroundings can create bad feelings which will appear without notice. Bad feelings can appear in every where, whether you are at home, on the road, in the workplace, even during your vacation time. Anything can trigger them. For example in an office stuff, when you are a senior staff and suddenly your boss does not invite you to join an annual meeting, but your boss invites a junior staff who does not know anything yet about all the office products. Then how do you feel? For several people, they can feel irritated, miserable, inferior, inadequate, and perhaps stupid.

Do you know the real definition of each feeling? The Cambridge Dictionary helps us by giving a clear definition. Irritated is something that make (someone) impatient, angry, or annoyed. And then miserable is someone who is very unhappy, very severe or unpleasant. What about inferior? It appears when someone is feeling not good or not as good as someone or something else. Next, inadequate is when you feel not enough or not good enough. And the last one is stupid. It is when someone thinks that she/he is having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things, not sensible or logical, and not able to think normally because you are tired, angry, etc.

Those are just little examples of bad feelings which can affect anyone. Those are really ugly, aren’t they? What kind of reasons which can trigger the appearance of such  feelings? When the example is the senior staff, perhaps she/he thinks that her/his career is start to downgrade when it is compare with the junior staff career. Or perhaps she/he thinks that she/he is not usefull anymore in the office. And so many reasons . . . ugly ones . . . which can create such ugly feelings.

Then what can you do when bad feelings suddenly appear in front of your face? The easiest things to do is making excuses. You start make a list of reasons to explain why you are not as good as you think. Talking about excuses, there is one character in the Bible who gave many excuses when God asked him to do a task. Do you know who he is? Yes, Moses. Do you remember how many times he tried to avoid the task given by God? When you read chapter 3 and 4 of Exodus, you know that Moses implied to say “no” to God for five times. He gave reasons, reasonable ones, and perhaps we can say of how weak Moses is. Even God himself promised that He will be with Moses, gave Moses His name, and also provided Moses with capabilities to perform miracles. But Moses said that he was not good enough, could not speak well (really? After all of his education as an Egypt prince, this excuse is very lame), and the last excuse, the real one, is when he asked God to send anyone else. Oh, boy . . . but what if you are wearing Moses’ shoes? Will you do the same thing or you are brave enough to say, “Ok, Lord, I will go” when God asks you the very first time?

Is the last excuse that Moses gave to God the same as running away? So besides make excuses, someone tends to run away rather than dealing with problems that make her/him has bad feelings. The forms are varies, such as starting to get lazy to go to work, reluctant to do the works she/he loves before, does not want to get involve with the projects when the junior staff has some parts in them, etc.

Is there any positive traits to do when bad feelings appear? Some suggestions say that we can do something that make us happy when we are feeling blue. We can have vacation, watch a concert, do our hobbies, or even just make changes of the usual habits. For example, if we usually go to the office through the main road, we can try to find another roads. Or we can have lunch or dinner with our friends. If you like to write, perhaps you can make a list of daily gratitudes, something that you can give thanks to the Lord every day. And many things else which you can find and do when bad feelings start to gnaw your life. Then you can share the tips with us to help others who are in a blue mood too.

And we can sing with Buble, “. . . It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life . . . for me. And I’m feeling good.”

Jakarta, 30 April 2017